About Proximal Box Software

Way back in early 2010, Proximal Box Software was just a little one-person software development operation. Now it's a little one-person software development operation with a product, the SomnoPose sleep position monitor for iPhone. The “one person” behind Proximal Box Software is Jim Hassett, a software developer with many years of experience.

Proximal Box Software is based in Eagan, Minnesota. We can be contacted at info@proximalbox.com.

(Even though ours is a one-person operation, we generally use first-person plural pronouns to refer to ourselves, since nobody works in total isolation—or we don't, anyway.)

About the name

The word proximal might be unfamiliar. It's used mainly in anatomy, and means “close” (so the proximal end of your arm is at your shoulder).

The word box is sometimes used in computer jargon to refer to a computer, especially of some specified kind (for example, a “Linux box” or a “graphics box”).

So a proximal box would be a computer that's close to you.

Of all the computers out there, the one closest to you is often a mobile device such as an iPhone, and Proximal Box creates software for just such devices.